Paid or free hosting?

Our advice is unequivocal – you need to choose a paid hosting, even if you are a poor student. Because free hosting is usually not stable, not flexible in settings, and places its ads on your site. Moreover, we have a rating of providers with a trial period in which you can try paid hosting for free (up to 50 days). But if you really want to place your site on free hosting, then choose among the most famous free providers.

The choice of hosting based on website traffic

Simple websites
For a blog, a personal page, a business card site, an online store, a forum, a corporate site with an attendance of fewer than 1,500-3,000 people per day, you need to choose shared hosting. Most of the modern sites of primary and secondary levels are located on such a hosting. Its essence is that on one powerful server there are sites from different clients, and they share its resources (processor, memory, and disk space). If this option suits you, then see our shared hosting rating (most popular rates: 2 – 10 USD per month).

For the Forum, the online store, the Portal with attendance of 3000-10000 people/day, VPS hosting (virtual dedicated server) is suitable. This is the same virtual hosting (a server that hosts many sites from different clients), but a fixed amount of server resources is allocated for you. The rating of providers with the best (in our opinion) VPS hosting is here (the most popular tariffs: 9 – 75 USD per month).

High-level sites
For sites with the traffic of more than 10,000 people per day, use a dedicated server (Dedicated). This implies that your sites use the server fully and do not share it with anyone. This is the most expensive technology, which is quite complicated to set up. You can find hosting providers with this service in the corresponding rating (the most popular configurations: 115-350 USD per month).

What options should I look for when choosing a hosting?

Disk space – the more space, the more expensive hosting will cost. For a regular site, 1-2 GB is enough.

A number of websites and technologies – most modern sites use the programming language PHP and the MySQL database. If you want to host multiple sites, then make sure that in the selected tariff plan, the number of sites is equal to the number of databases. If your site does not need databases, then you can search for a cheaper tariff without MySQL support.

Windows or Linux hosting?

Most webmasters host their sites on Linux hosting, and accordingly, most providers offer such hosting by default. Therefore, if you do not have special requirements, then choose the Linux platform, since the Linux OS is cheaper or generally free (most often), and it also closes security holes faster.

Hosting Experts Advice

  • Do not contact providers who have a visually poor site, and do not be fooled by the fact that they have very low prices. Typically, such providers provide technical support by one person, and user sites are constantly slow or inaccessible.
  • Look at reviews about providers and draw your conclusions based on them. But make sure that the reviews are from real people (we publish reviews only after authorizing the social network and checking that the person is real). Very often, providers write reviews about themselves, with the help of marketers or bots.
  • The quality of the support service, speed, and reliability of the hosting are very subjective parameters, so even if you have read good reviews, do not rush to pay for hosting a year in advance – pay monthly and try.
  • If the provider requires documents, then this is normal, because they will help you regain your account if it is stolen. But send documents only to reliable providers with thousands of customers. If you are sensitive to your personal data, you can easily find good and large providers who do not need documents, there are many of them on the market.
  • Pay attention to how many clients the hoster has. Trust those with more than 10,000-20000 users.
  • Make sure the provider has 24/7 support. It is advisable to have a live chat and a free phone number.