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The main privilege of a free provider is the lack of payment for the provision of server capacity. But you run the risk of getting an unstable site with third-party intrusive advertising. Another way to save money is to create a hosting on your home PC. In this case, you will have to keep it constantly on and monitor uninterrupted power. Our article discusses the most popular free providers that offer different conditions depending on the upcoming resource load.

Which hosting to choose depending on the task

Simple sites

A virtual web server hosts on its platform many sites from different users who share resources such as processor, memory. If the page traffic is from 1,500 to 3,000 people per day, you can choose a hosting from our rating:

The above hostings are suitable for blogging, personal pages, a business card, an online store, a forum and a full presentation of the company on the Internet.


When choosing a provider for an online store or forum, as well as for a portal where traffic is from 3000 to 10000 visitors per day, it is worth choosing a virtual hosting with a fixed number of server resources. Tariffing the most popular VPS hosting at various web hosting providers is not more than 75 USD per month.

High level sites

A dedicated server provides the site with a separate platform. In this case, the server capacity does not have to be shared with other users. Suitable for sites with over 10,000 visits. It should be noted that this service requires the manager to have special skills and knowledge that will be used to configure the platform software. The second point that the user should also pay attention to is the price of the service: 115-350 USD per month.

What criteria should be considered when choosing a web hosting provider?

Recommendations for managers responsible for the creation and promotion of the site:

Server history: as far as the domain name is known among Web users, and how many clients it serves.
The regional location of the server. If the company is located in Ukraine, it makes no sense to place a website in the data center of America.
Type and place of drives. When choosing, we advise you to pay attention to SSD disks, since their speed is much faster than traditional HDDs. For a lightly loaded site, 1-2 GB of free space is enough. But remember: the more space, the hosting will cost more.
When buying a hosting, ask in what mode the support works: round the clock or not. If the provider is European, you need to clarify the question of support in Russian.
A very important point regarding the programming language and database. If the user is the owner of several web pages, you need to make sure that in the chosen tariff the number of sites matches the number of databases. If the last pages are not needed, you can select a tariff from the average price category, without the support of the MySQL relational management system.
If the hoster gives a trial period, be sure to use this offer.

Windows or Linux hosting?

Most webmasters host their sites on Linux hosting, and accordingly, most providers offer such hosting by default. Therefore, if you do not have special requirements, then choose the Linux platform, since the Linux OS is cheaper or generally free (most often), and it also closes security holes faster.

Hosting Experts Advice

  • Do not contact providers who have a visually poor site, and do not be fooled by the fact that they have very low prices. Typically, such providers provide technical support from one person, and user sites are constantly slow or inaccessible.
  • Look at reviews about providers and draw your conclusions based on them. But make sure that the reviews are from real people (we publish reviews only after authorizing the social network and checking that the person is real). Very often, providers write reviews about themselves, with the help of marketers or bots.
  • The quality of the support service, speed, and reliability of the hosting is very subjective parameters, so even if you have read good reviews, do not rush to pay for hosting a year in advance – pay monthly and try.
  • If the provider requires documents, then this is normal, because they will help you regain your account if it is stolen. But send documents only to reliable providers with thousands of customers. If you are sensitive to your personal data, you can easily find good and large providers who do not need documents, there are many of them on the market.
  • Pay attention to how many clients the hoster has. Trust those with more than 10,000-20000 users.
  • Make sure the provider has 24/7 support. It is advisable to have a live chat and a free phone number.

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