The top 10 hosting companies as reviewed by The Hosting Review Centre.

How do the hosting reviews get calculated?

We have accounts with all the above hosting company’s and we carry out random tests and the results are then collated and verified before we publish the results.

Non of the above results are aimed to make any hosting company look bad and should be viewed as information to assist a company’s growth.

We update the results as more data is carried out.

Hosting Company Speed.

This is a formulated value from random tests carried out at different days and at random times in high load times between.

The measurement were taken Monday to Friday on random days at:-

9:30 to 10:00

12:30 to 13:00

16:30 to 17:00

This provides a random sample of data which can used to identify the speed and the results are taken from different locations to eliminate broadband speeds and all the results are collated together to give the best possible speed rating average.

Hosting Company Up Time

To gather data regarding up-time we have specific website’s chosen at random and on various hosting servers at each hosting company and we have setup 3rd party off-site up-time monitoring and the information over 3 months is then used to create an overall value.

Hosting Company Customer Service

To gather this information we use the contact methods available at each hosting provider and test the responses for various important factors such as speed of response, technical response, knowledge and understanding of nominated problems and the hosting companies efforts to assist.

Hosting Review Ranking

The overall hosting review rating we give each company is an overall result with other items taken into account such as price, product range, telephone support, online chat support, location of servers, Adult content hosting restrictions and the reviews received by the people on our hosting review website.

 Information to Hosting Companies

We do not provide a pay us to get top of the ranking solution. We are aware that this is something other hosting review sites are carrying out and this provides false information to potential customers. If you wish to get top of the rankings then keep a close on your systems and look after your customers as you never know whose account we will use next.

If you would like to provide more information to help us grow the Hosting Review Centre then please get in touch.