What is VPS hosting?

Most website owners are starting to use shared web hosting. Over time, as their site grows and requires more resources and features, they may need a more powerful hosting option. A VPS server is usually seen as a step between shared hosting and dedicated hosting setup, in which your site runs on its own server.

Let’s look at host types using a simple analogy. Shared hosting is how to live in an apartment; it is cheap and can be equipped with everything you need to go. A compromise is sharing funds with many other people (sharing resources with other accounts on the same server), and if you are having a big party (a lot of traffic), the landlord will want to talk with you. A dedicated server is like your own home with acres of land around it. All the resources in the house are intended exclusively for your use, and your neighbors will not bother you, even if you have a party.

The VPS is somewhere in between. It behaves like a dedicated server, but with dedicated system resources. Let’s compare VPS with a town house, it is more than an apartment (shared hosting), but you shared the property and certain services. Moreover, organizing a party (having many network visitors) is easier.

In relation to available resources or performance characteristics, several types of hosting are determined that have some differences, among other things, in cost:

  • virtual hosting;
  • virtual dedicated server (VPS / VDS);
  • dedicated server

You need to know and understand how these types of hosting differ and which one you need.

Differences from shared hosting

Shared hosting. The most acceptable alternative, the cost of which often starts at $ 5 (cost per month). You are provided with your own space on a physical server, which contains a large number of other sites, along with your own project. Available resources are shared between you and other consumers, and this, of course, sets some types of restrictions on the load and available disk space. In any case, this is one of the most popular hosting options that is used by more than one online store.

This option is suitable for you if your online store is visited by about 1,500 people a day. As for the available space and RAM, this is enough for a large number of pages in the product catalog. If necessary, you can purchase disk space. Here are just restrictions due to the load will remain relevant. The choice of hosting for large projects should guarantee stability.

Differences from a dedicated server

Dedicated server. This option is the most expensive because here the online store is located on a separate physical server, which is located on the provider’s technical site. In this case, you have no neighbors. Only your site will “live” here. Consider one more point – the staff monitors only the server, and you, as a client, are engaged in its maintenance and management. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a professional to solve problems of this kind. As you have already noticed, renting a dedicated server, you also need to search for an expert.

This option is suitable for large online stores, the traffic of which is several thousand users daily, and the number continues to increase. In addition to paying server rental, you also need to pay for the services of a wizard who will service your server, which means that few can afford this type of hosting.

If you are faced with the dilemma of hosting for a site, of course, you are striving to choose the best hosting. You would like to rent the best hosting, but you are not ready to spend a significant amount of money. But it’s actually difficult to name a provider that provides the best services. But you can use test VPS, this is a great opportunity to test hosting in practice.

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